37 Potential Titles For Ghostface Killah’s Upcoming Albums

Late last week, mythical Staten Island native and Wu-Tang frontman Ghostface Killah announced that he had seven new albums in the works, to be released at some point in the “next 37 months.” While this is objectively an insane amount of music to put out in the span of three years (and a month), we wouldn’t put the feat past Starks, who’s pretty much capable of anything. Since we’re betting he’s going to be busy prepping these albums in the near future, XXL wanted to lend Ghost a helping hand by throwing around some potential album titles (37 to be exact) and even making him a custom album cover, which you can check out above.

MegaTron Ghost
Stranger Than Fiction: Da Album
Big Doe Gets Clean
The Big Doe Relapse
Big Doe Goes Back To Rehab
Campfire Ghost Stories
Starks City
Ironman 4: Ghostdini Lives On
Starky Love Actually
Scarghost: The Mask Comes Off
Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Wu-Block
Casper McFadden
Starks The Grimey Ghost
Memoirs Of A Shaolin Monk
Big Ghost And The Shaolin Temple
Ghostface Killah And The Kingdom Of Cream
Libra Scale
More Libra
Cake Scale
More Cake
Pretty Toney Returns
Wizard Ghost: The Lost Tale Of The Ruby Rugby
The Wally Champ Reigns On
Harry Ghosdini: Born N’ Buried In Shaolin
Ghostface Killah Is… The Original American Idol
Magna Carta Holy Ghost
Born Pretty Toney
The Gifted Gambino
Watching Movies With My Chains Off
Wallabee Wimbledon
GFK: Profiles In Courage
A Cuban Linx Christmas
Gambino Gumbo
God Body Gambino
Bulletproof Wallets 2: Still Bulletproof

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