Joey Bada$$ Says He Will Only Sign To A Major Label For “Three Million”

If looking to sign rapper Joey Bada$$, the 18-year-old MC has a few stern requirements. When the now independent Brooklyn native was asked what a major label could do to sign him at this moment, he didn’t hesitate when requesting “Three million. Off the top”.

However, those requests don’t come about for selfish reasons of his own but simply because he as “the man of the house” would like to elevate the lifestyle of his family. “Hell yeah. Get my Mom out the hood. You feel me?”, he explained when asked by the Village Voice. He openly admitted that he still lives in the home of his mom for reasons beyond his control stating, “They don’t pay me enough”.

Interestingly enough, Joey’s response here is similar to his line on the DJ Premier-produced single “Unorthodox,” which released back in March. “Won’t sign to no major if no wager/Less than a 3 million offer off the top,” he raps.

The youngin was once offered an opportunity to sign with Roc Nation but it is rumored that Joey turned Jay-Z’s offer down. The rapper also cleared the air about this matter explaining, “It wasn’t really a “turn down,” it was more of a mutual understanding. People and the media are going to change things to what they want to hear. It’s more, he seen my vision and he got what I was trying to do. That’s what it was. He was like, “I see you little homie.” When asked if he still kept in contact with Jay he replied, “I wish, man. A lot of relationships you think that rappers have with each other are not true. It’s fiction.”

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