Get that Summer Heat Now Pre-Order the NEW Dom Pachino ALBUM "GEMINI MIND" @prterrorist



Napalm Recordings presents the brand new solo album GEMINI MIND from KILLARMY veteran Dom Pachino. Showcasing a lyrical battle between his alter egos; the rapid fire spitting militant themed P.R. TERRORIST versus the street bravado, slang-slinging Dom Pachino. The dual personalities face off in this epic war, scheduled for 16 rounds of real New York Hip-Hop..

NOTE* Customers who pre-order the physical album starting June 1st through July 1st will receive a free Napalm logo headband and a free digital download of the unreleased 7 track Ep by Bugsy Da God titled The Hidden Murder Files Volume I. 1st clip. The digital purchaser will still receive the free download of the Bugsy Da God Ep but not the headband.

This is a temporary album cover. Final cover art will be posted July 1st.

Limited Edition Details:

In an industry where CD sales are drastically decreasing due to media share files on various torrent sites, it is difficult for artists to keep producing physical copies for their true supporters. The only way to obtain a physical copy of this new album is by pre-order. All orders for the hardcopy must be in by the shipping date . After the shipping date, no physical copies will be available for purchase, only digital.
releases August 29, 2016

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