@NipseyHussle - Slauson Boy 2 (Mixtape)

That is because he has decided to compile his recent string of songs into one full-length collection, Slauson Boy 2. The 17-track effort contains every song from Neighborhood Nip's 2016 series, as well as a new song "Mercy" featuring Stacy Barthe. Stream and download the mixtape below. Were you among his fans who purchased 2013's Crenshaw and 2014's Mailbox Money? Well, the first five people who partook in their #PROUD2PAY campaigns will now be treated to what Nipsey is calling an "Intimate Multi-Sensory Music Experience." In it will take those 10 people and "will personally play the album and narrate and elaborate on key songs and lines. [We] will physically visit the locations being referenced on the album to put our feet on the ground, breath the air, taste the food, and feel the climate." Fans can read more at Nipsey's e-home.

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