MYSONNE - That's How We On It [Official Video]

The exclusive video to "That's How We On It". A new track from my upcoming project, "The Definition of a G Pt. 3, O.G BOBBY Johnson". This project was inspired by the character Bobby Johnson from the film "South Central". Bobby Johnson is a young black gang member of Hoover Street Deuces, or simply "Deuce", whom gets convicted for murder. Bobby Johnson goes to prison, and changes his life. Mysonne makes a comeback with, "That's How We On It", at a time when the music coming out of New York, doesn't sound like New York. This track is really a staunch statement of the traditional, classic New York sound. "That's How We On It" is a fresh anthem, soundtrack to the NYC lifestyle. Mysonne, approaches the upbeat, invigorating track with New York pride and intoxicating metaphors; as he walks you through the hardcore streets of New York. With his raps, Mysonne describes that as time passed, New York City never changed; it is the same game; However, different players. Mysonne has continued to consistently drop music and it doesn't seem like he's going to slow down anytime soon. He is here to put the crown back on New York City, as the indisputable cradle of Hip Hop music.

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