Hell Razah and Ayatollah Drop ‘Blaxploitation: A Piece of the Action’ Album Read More: Hell Razah and Ayatollah Drop ‘Blaxploitation: A Piece of the Action’ Album

It’s been a minute but Hell Razah is back with his old moniker and ready to attack the hip-hop world once again. The Sunz of Man emcee has teamed up with favored Queens producer Ayatollah for their collaborative project, Blaxploitation: A Piece of the Action, a funk-inspired collection from the seasoned musicians. Blaxpoitation features a 1970’s vibe from both Hell Razah and Ayatollah, which is apparent from the album cover to the lyrics and production, all loosely based of the 1977 Sidney Poitier flick of the same name, featuring him and Bill Cosby. The two spit bars back and forth over several tracks containing samples from the decade’s most talked about blaxploitation films, including Willie Dynamite on the album’s first interlude, “The Business.” The Red Hood, Brooklyn native—who, aside from this project, now goes by Heaven Razah—recently announced a forthcoming documentary in which he’ll be discussing how his life has changed since suffering from a brain aneurysm back in 2010. Directed by Frank Meyer, Risen: The Story of Chron “Hell Razah” Smith will chronicle his life from his Sunz days with the Clan to his current life as he battles the effects of the aneurysm, which left him unable to use his left side entirely. Risen is due out some time this year (the trailer can be viewed on YouTube).
According to their Audiomack page, this is only part one of The Candy Tangerine Man and Chron O’Neal’s work together (yes, those are their other aliases). So stay tuned, and be sure to grab your copy of Blaxploitation: A Piece of the Action on iTunes or Tidal. Listen to the project via Spotify streaming below. Hell Razah and Ayatollah’s Blaxploitation: A Piece of the Action Tracklist 1. “The Unbeaten (Intro)” feat. Dj Flipcyide 2. “Rich and Black” 3. “The Business (Interlude)” 4. “Maximum Volume” 5. “Uppercut (Interlude)” 6. “The Looking Glass” 7. “Live or Die (Interlude)” 8. “Love Never Dies” 9. “Don’t Touch My Records (Interlude)” 10. “Record Shoppin” 11. “Nostalgia” 12. “Outro”

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