PiFF Penny (A1 Shorty)

Artist Piff Penny continues to deliver music along side of Daz Jones and Haze Da Kid.
"Piff Penny" drops "A1 Shorty" produced by the "Daz Jones". This crazy chick track features the talented "Haze Da Kidd". You can rest assure that when you see "Daz Jones" on the production, we are in for some serious hip-hop. 'Piff Penny" & "Haze the Kidd" never disappoint. The vibe the two bring to the track gets you in the mood to ride out with your significant other. You might need to bring out the black card gentlemen. This is and expensive experience your lady will never forget! LOL! Well put together and concept heavy. "Piff Penny" keeps bringing the vibes this year. "Daz Jones" and "Haze Da Kidd" has also put out sone dope music this year as well. Check out the duo social media pages below and connect with guys. You won't be disappointed. "A1 Shorty" to be released on all DSP's and Bandcamp. Links below. A1 SHORTY (feat. Haze Da Kidd & Daz Jones) by Piff Pennywise JR - DistroKid Piff Penny IG: https://www.instagram.com/piffpenny Daz Jones IG: https://www.instagram.com/dazjones77 Haze Da Kidd IG: https://www.instagram.com/hazedakidd

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